What is the HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card?

The HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card has been designed to lower the cost of specific brand name prescription medications in addition to providing discounts on FDA approved generic medications. The HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card uses a limited pharmacy network and discounted medications must be purchased at participating pharmacies only. You may locate a participating pharmacy by Clicking Here. The purchase price may vary by medication and by pharmacy and, all discounted medications may not be available at all participating pharmacies.

Is there an enrollment or application fee?

No. The card is provided to anyone who completes the online enrollment. If you prefer, you can also enroll by calling the Member Services & Pharmacy Help Desk at 1 (866) 341 9687. Once enrolled, you will be able to print a membership card from our website. Please allow three hours after enrollment for your card to activate. You also have the option of receiving a physical card via mail by providing your address when you enroll.

Can you print a card for me as I do not have a printer/internet?

No, but in that case we recommend to enroll to the program by using your smartphone. Hence, you can download the card into your device. Additionally, if you provided your email, you'll have it always in your inbox. It's as valid as the printed version.

Where can I use the HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card?

You can use your card at any one of the over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. To locate a participating pharmacy please search our Pharmacy Locator or call the Member Services & Pharmacy Help Desk at 877-309-5748. Click Here to use our Pharmacy Locator.

Do I have to pay when I pick up my prescription(s)?

Yes, you must pay the pharmacy at the time you receive your prescription medication. By agreement, participating pharmacies may not bill you for the difference between their usual fee and the reduced fee. If you purchase your medication through the mail order pharmacy, EnvisionMail, you must pay at the time you order your medication(s) or refill(s) (see below).

Can I use the HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card in any US State and Puerto Rico?

Yes, if the pharmacy is contracted to accept the card.

Can you tell me what my discount will be on my medications?

Pricing can be found at the Program website or by calling the Member Services & Pharmacy Help Desk at 877-309-5748. Click Here to use our Drug Pricing Tool.

Are there any eligibility requirements to obtain a card?

By joining the Program, Members attest to understanding how the program works and the eligibility requirements, as noted below, and agree and understand that:

  • The program is NOT insurance and does not provide reimbursement for prescription drugs
    • Eligibility to participate in the program is conditioned on lack of prescription drug coverage. The Member has no insurance or third party coverage for prescription drugs and supplies or has insurance but his or her insurance does not cover all of his or her prescriptions.
    • The Member agrees that he or she do not participate or have drug coverage through a government program, such as Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare
  • The Member is not submitting these claims for reimbursement to any carrier
  • Program pricing may not be combined with other discounts or promotions

Are there any restrictions because of age or current medical conditions?


Can anyone in my immediate family use my ID card?

When you enroll, you can add up to four dependents (spouse and children), who will be listed on your card. If you have additional dependents, they will need to enroll separately.

Will my medical information be kept private?

Yes. Access to personally identifiable health information is restricted under federal regulations and will not be disclosed except as allowed by law.

Can I use this card if I have insurance?

Yes, but only in the following circumstances. You should check to see whether using the card outside of your insurance plan would save you money. Remember, the Program is NOT INSURANCE:

  • The medication is not covered under your insurance plan
  • You have a cap on coverage that has been exceeded such that all future prescription costs in the plan year must be paid at 100%
  • You have a high annual deductible that you don’t believe you will reach given a low monthly prescription medication expense (e.g. $500 deductible with a monthly drug cost of $15)
  • You have a high co-pay which exceeds the cost of the prescription if you used the Envision card (e.g. $10 co-pay for all prescriptions but a medication that is $7 when the card is used vs. insurance)

Can I use the card if I am on Medicare, especially when I enter the “donut hole” in my coverage?

You should not use the card for Medicare covered prescriptions, as the coverage obtained through Medicare should be more advantageous, and you will not get credit for out-of-pocket expenses (TrOOP). However, if the medication is not covered as part of your Medicare plan and you typically would pay the full retail price for the prescription, the card can be used.

Do I have to be a citizen of the United States to use the card?


What are the fees to use the card?

There is no fee for enrollment or membership. The card is provided free to anyone who enrolls. The price of the medication includes any processing fees. A shipping and handling fee of $2.50 will be charged for purchases made through EnvisionMail. The fee is subject to change.

Can all my prescriptions be filled at retail pharmacies as well as through EnvisionMail?

No, most medications are available as a 30-day supply at participating retail pharmacies. However, some medications such as Reclipsen and diabetic supplies (meters and strips) are available only through mail order (EnvisionMail). In addition, some medications, such as insulin are available only through participating retail pharmacies.

EnvisionMail may be used to fill most of your prescriptions written for a 90-day supply. Contact EnvisionMail at 866-909-5170 with any questions about mail order.

What do I need to take to a participating retail pharmacy in order to have my prescription filled?

If you have printed a prescription offer from, then you just need to take the offer and your valid prescription to a participating retail pharmacy. The offer includes the program information required by the pharmacy as well as your unique Member ID.

You can also take your HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card along with your valid prescription to a participating retail pharmacy. Click Here to locate a participating retail pharmacy.

Is mail order available for 90-day supplies of medications?

Yes, you can order 90-day supplies of medications through mail order using EnvisionMail and have your purchases shipped directly to you. As noted above, some medications, such as insulin, are not available via mail order. Click Here to visit EnvisionMail's website. A shipping and handling fee of $2.50 will be charged for purchases made through EnvisionMail. The fee is subject to change.

Do I have to register with EnvisionMail to place an order?

Yes, EnvisionMail requires some additional information to ensure their pharmacists are aware of any known allergies you may have. EnvisionMail also requires your credit card information if you choose to pay using that method. You must pay at the time you order your prescription(s) or refill(s) through EnvisionMail.

How do I order my medications from EnvisionMail?

There are three simple ways for your medications to be ordered:

  • E-Prescribed: Prescriptions may be e-prescribed directly from your physician to EnvisionMail by using NABP# 3677361
  • Fax: Prescriptions may be faxed directly from your physician to EnvisionMail at (866) 909-5171
  • Mail: Mail your original prescription with a completed Prescription Request Form to:
    7835 Freedom Ave NW
    North Canton OH 44720

Refill orders may be placed via telephone or online.

What are the Terms & Conditions for the HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card Program?

Click Here to view the program’s Terms & Conditions.

Who do I contact if I am dissatisfied with the level of service provided by the HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card Program?

Click Here to view the program’s Dispute Resolution Procedure.

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