HolaMedRX Prescription Savings Card Program (the “Program”) Terms & Conditions

THIS PROGRAM IS NOT INSURANCE. There is no fee for enrollment or membership. The card is provided free to anyone who enrolls. The cardholder is responsible to pay 100% of the purchase price for all medications. The purchase price includes the discounted cost of the medication plus all fees*. The cardholder pays the lower of the discounted medication cost plus applicable fees, or the participating pharmacy’s regular retail cash price. Discounted medications must be purchased only at participating pharmacies. The purchase price may vary by medication and by pharmacy and, all discounted medications may not be available at all participating pharmacies.

*Purchase price may include a processing fee. Purchases made by mail order through Orchard Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. will include a shipping and handling fee of $2.50 on each purchase. Fees are subject to change.

The Program is administered by EnvisionRxOptions (the “Program Administrator”). The Program Administrator has negotiated discounts and fees with a network of participating pharmacies to provide access to discounted medications by cardholders through the participating pharmacies. The Program Administrator will receive a portion of the processing fee for the administration of the Program. No portion of the medication cost or fees for medications purchased by cardholders under the Program is paid by the Program Administrator or any third party. Cardholders are advised to check this website periodically for program updates. Contact the toll-free number on your card for more information or inquiries.

By joining the Program, Members attest to understanding how the program works and the eligibility requirements, as noted below, and agree and understand that: